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Watch This Guy Lose His Damn Mind After Discovering He’s Going to Be a Dad

He couldn't even make words for a second there.

YouTube: Michael Gro

The subreddit r/Aww, Reddit’s home for all the puppies, hilarity, and happy moments ”that make you go AWW,” is playing another beautiful song with your heartstrings thanks to a video of one soon-to-be dad getting extremely excited when his partner lets him know that she’s pregnant with their first child.

Obviously, most guys get pretty stoked when they find out they’re going to be a father, but the man in this video was beyond ecstatic when he learns the news. He’s fired the hell up. You’d honestly think he just won a million dollars and gets to go tell off his boss right now. But, really, that’s just the joy of becoming a parent. He probably had his face in the new dad books by the next morning.

The video shows him walking into the room with his partner on the bed next to a balloon that reads “Hi daddy, I can’t wait to meet you!” He looks a little confused at first, but pieces it together eventually. First comes the, “Shut up,” then “Are you serious?”, then an even louder “shut up,” before the pure elation sets in. He honestly can’t even make it through the door; he just lets out a happy yelp and runs up and down the hallway before smothering his partner with a huge hug.

Second only to the video were the comments. One user said he looked “like a five-year-old getting a shiny new bike on his birthday,” before another chimed in to say that parenthood is “going to be one expensive ride.”