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Guy Fieri Toddler Birthday Party Has to Be Seen To Be Believed

If you still think first birthday parties are silly, it's probably because you haven't had an idea this original yet.

Natalie Stein

A lot of people would argue that throwing a birthday party for a baby is, well, foolish. Often there’s a theme that the baby doesn’t understand, food that they don’t care about, and, hordes of people that they won’t remember in a few minutes. But that doesn’t make a brilliant idea any less brilliant. When one California mom came up with the idea to throw her one-year-old son a Guy Fieri themed birthday party, it just wasn’t an idea she could walk away from.

According to Nataly Stein, the idea to throw her son Campbell a Guy Fieri themed party arose when she and her husband realized his big cheeks and bleach blond hair gave him some resemblance to the cable television star. The baby-sized Dickies button up adorned with orange Hot Wheels flames probably helped a little bit too.

Nataly Stein

It wasn’t just Campbell’s outfit executing the theme to perfection. The party was also called “Flavortown,” which is a weird catchall for good food made popular by Fieri. Not only was there a faceless life-size cutout of Fieri’s body for guest to take pictures with, but there were four separate pizza, pancake, hamburger, and nacho shaped cakes. Hell, Stein even thought to bring out a fondue fountain that spits out ranch dressing and not chocolate. What a genius, uncanny, and. uniquely American shrine to gluttony.  

Still, Stein, who’s actually a full-time baker, knows that the party wasn’t all about her son.

Nataly Stein

“I realize this is completely excessive and nuts,” Stein told Babble. “I have never pretended this party was all about my baby. It was an adult party and we had fun dressing up, eating and celebrating Campbell’s health and me and my husband surviving another year as parents. Is Flavortown really Flavortown if the whole town isn’t there?”