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Guy Fieri Is Opening Up a Chicken-Finger Restaurant at Disney World

The mayor of Flavortown has a new tourist trap looming on the horizon.

First We Feast

Chef and Food Network star Guy Fieri hasn’t just cracked the code on being a memorable television personality (spiky blonde hair and an impressive collection of quintessentially dad clothing options are inarguably memorable) but may have figured out the answer to your child’s picky eating too. The words ‘It’s chicken, you’ll like it’ are basically watched into the parenting handbook, so now Fieri is set to open up a whole restaurant dedicated to the holy grail of chicken dishes: chicken tenders. Did we mention that the restaurant will open in the Orlando Walt Disney World Resort?

Though there’s no opening date just yet, we do know that Fieri’s new spot will be called Chicken Guy and will be just one 0f 60 other dining options at the resort. In virtue of the fact that it’s Guy Fieri, the food must run the risk of making your heart stop. That said, just about everything at the restaurant will be fried, though grilled chicken tenders are still an option.  

If tenders aren’t your thing, Chicken Guy will also offer a host of chicken sandwich options as well as a handful of pretty stock sides like french fries or mac n’ cheese. Given Fieri’s celebrity as well as meme stratus, the new restaurant is for sure going to be a tourist trap. While that sounds just fine, the personality’s last foyer into deep-fried tourist trap grease-dom, Flavortown, an American cuisine restaurant in Times Square New York shut down at the beginning of this year.

It’s not as if the reviews were very good to begin with though. One critic ruthlessly said that “Mr. Fieri not only serves truly horrible-tasting food, an awkward origami of clashing aleatory flavors, but he serves this punishing food emulsified with a bombastic recasting of deep-fried American myth.” Still, that’s not a guarantee that it’ll be bad, right?