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Mom Warns Others After Finding Metal in Her Toddler’s Gummy Vitamins

"I feel like I have failed."

Samantha Andersen/Facebook

A Kansas mom says the metal shavings found in her daughter’s intestines were from gummy vitamins the girl had eaten. According to Samantha Andersen, she had been feeding Zarbee’s Natural Vitamins to 3-year-old Milani for months until she noticed what looked like metal pieces at the bottom of the bottle.

“We found some metal flakes in the bottom of Milani’s chewable multivitamin bottle,” Andersen wrote on Facebook last week. “The flakes were even embedded in the surface area of the vitamins. There’s 55 servings in a bottle and [Milani’s] had about 50 so who knows how many metal flakes she ingested.”

Concerned, Andersen and her husband tested the multivitamins with a magnet. When the gummies, which she had purchased at Target, stuck to the magnet, Andersen took Milani to the ER for X-rays, which revealed metal in her intestines.

Sooo we found some sharp metal flakes in the bottom of Milani’s chewable multivitamin bottle. The metal flakes were even…

Posted by Samantha Andersen on Tuesday, December 11, 2018

“I fed these to her. I feel like I have failed. I feel terrible that this metal is in her stomach,” the Overland Park mom of three said.

Andersen adds that she contacted the Food and Drug Administration immediately per her pediatrician’s recommendation. The agency told Fox 4 that it “is aware and currently investigating the complaint.”

While Zarbee’s has yet to make an official statement, the company publicly addressed the incident in a comment on social media, saying, “We feel deeply for the Andersen family and sincerely hope Milani is doing well… Nothing is more important to us than our consumer’s health and safety.”

Zarbee’s, which Andersen says offered her coupons as an apology, asks any consumers who have questions or concerns to contact their customer service at 1-877-528-0420.