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Ryan Reynolds Jokes (?) That His Green Lantern Is In the Snyder Cut of ‘Justice League’

"I’ve heard I may already be in it."

Warner Bros; vancityreynolds/Twitter

Ryan Reynolds is either pulling a prank worthy of his alter-ego Deadpool, or he’s just confirmed a return — of sorts — to a different superhero character that almost nobody wants to see him play again.

Well, that’s not exactly fair. Some people really liked Ryan Reynolds in the 2011 Green Lantern, but the overwhelming opinion of the movie is that it’s close to being the worst superhero movie ever, even if it is responsible for Reynolds and Blake Lively getting together. Still, despite the fact that Reynolds is mostly known for the Marvel anti-hero Deadpool, could his Green Lantern return to the DC movie universe? On Twitter, Reynolds seems to be joking that he’s already a part of the forthcoming director’s cut of Justice League. After denying the fact that he’s going to play the winged superhero Hawkman in The Rock’s Black Adam, he dropped the weird tease that “I’ve heard I may already be in” the Snyder Cut of Justice League.

So, is Ryan Reynolds joking around or not? How could he “already be” in the forthcoming new directors cut of Justice League? Did he film scenes as Green Lantern that were later cut? Or, perhaps, did director Zack Snyder use some stock footage of Reynolds as Green Lantern from 2011? Or, is Ryan Reynolds playing some different character in Justice League?

For people who really think hard about Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern, this is like the opposite of Kryptonite. It’s superhero nerd catnip. If Reynold’s Green Lantern is “back,” it means there’s a way for him to maybe interact with Jason Momoa’s Aquaman or Henry Cavill’s Superman. Maybe?

Then again, Reynolds could just be screwing with us. Which, if so, well played, sir. Well played.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League will hit HBO Max in early 2021.