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Watch: Viral Video Of Great-Grandparents Hilariously Struggling To Sled

These two know how to have a good time.

A viral video of two great-grandparents tapping into their childlike senses while playing in the snow (and failing at it) is worth a watch no matter where you are, or what you think of the winter weather.

Whether or not you like snow or can’t stand it, watching these great-grandparents struggling in the cold while having the time of their lives will make you laugh and maybe even tear-up a little bit.

Great-grandparents John and Helen Martin live in Nashville, Tennessee. Like entire regions of the United States that are usually unaccustomed to harsh winter weather, they experienced a big drop of snow over the weekend. And they decided to make the most of it.

73-year-old John and 72-year-old Helen have been married for a long time – 51 years actually. Given the snow, the long-married pair thought it would be fun to go sledding. Helen put on a coat over her dress, popped a scarf over her head, and laced her boots. They had one of those infamously cheap and fast blue disc sleds, and they went off to have some fun.

In the video, Helen goes sledding first, so John helps her sit down on the sled, holding her hand, so she doesn’t fall. Which she does anyway – setting off the first giggle fit between the married couple. Helen tries to curl up her legs to sit within the disc. John tries to help, and she falls backward again – giggling while John helps her sit back up.

John tries to give her a little push to start going down the hill, but it doesn’t work. She falls back again, and her loving husband tries to help her up. Helen gives up trying to sled and decides to roll down the hill instead – laughing the whole way down.

It’s not surprising that this video went viral. It’s the cutest thing we’ve seen in a long time. And, honestly, it’s a good reminder to us all that it’s OK to giggle when things don’t go right, and that in scary and uncertain times, pockets of joy exist everywhere.

They clearly had a fun time. We can only hope they enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate after.