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The Handy Chart Shows Exactly How Many People Are Younger Than You

If becoming a parent has made you feel like you’re old and everyone else is young, the only good news is that you don’t need your eyes checked (again). Flowing Data’s stat wizard Nathan Yau looked at 5 year estimates from the 2014 American Community Survey and found you’re right: It’s basically the opposite of what Matthew McConaughey’s character said in Dazed And Confused — you get older, everyone else does not stay the same age. They get younger and younger. Being Yau, he then created a spiffy interactive graphic to make it all abundantly, painfully clear.

You and your crew outnumbered millennials in your glorious 20s, but by the time you reach your mid 30s you’re surrounded by them. Once you reach your 40s, 55 percent of the population will be younger than you, and in your 50s, 69 percent of people will be young enough to find that figure funny. The trend is consistent, and much like everything else in aging, only gets worse with time. At least the interactive graphics are getting cooler.

[H/T] Gizmodo