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Grandpa Builds Grandkid Backyard Rollercoaster, Goes Viral

This guy is a hero.

A Washington, D.C. area grandpa has gone viral after his daughter posted a video of a ridiculously cool backyard roller coaster the grandfather built for her son. The rollercoaster, which appears to be made of PVC pipe and wood, is dozens of feet long and features some cool hills and can be thrown in reverse.

The video shows the grandpa running alongside his young grandson as he enjoys the super cool toy that will surely have him be the envy of every quarantined kid on the block. Given that kids can’t really go anywhere right now due to the pandemic, with many parks and absolutely amusement parks closed for the foreseeable future, the tot-appropriate roller coaster is a super cool way to have fun. 


The coaster was elevated on a trash can, cinder blocks, and wooden rods and the body of the coaster car is a hybrid of what was clearly a toy plastic car and four wooden wheels. After the mom posted the video of her dad’s awesome creation for her son, the video went super-viral, with millions and millions of views on Twitter at this point.

Plus, engineers and young adults alike expressed how jealous they were of the young boy for having such a cool grandpa and such a cool backyard roller coaster which is sure to entertain him for weeks and give him life-long memories of how great his grandpa is. 

One Twitter user noted that designers and builders have all, at some point, written down “backyard rollercoaster” in a notebook somewhere, and how it was very cool that the grandpa in question actually followed through on what is a pipe dream for so many. Others just wished they were as lucky when they were kids to have such a cool toy. Either way, that kid is going to have a lot of fun!