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What Happens When an NFL Kicker Joins His Family’s Kickball Game?

Let's just say, exactly what you'd expect.

Twitter @GrahamGano

Every family has weird, random rules for games. And they’re often put in place to keep the peace or the competition fair. The biggest kid shouldn’t have to sit in the middle seat, the person who breaks the chocolate bar doesn’t choose their piece, and the list goes on. But here’s a new rule most families rarely have to impose: NFL kickers can play on their kid’s kickball team, but they can’t kick the ball too hard. That’s the rule in the Gano household. And to prove he has trouble following it, Graham, the kicker for the Carolina Panthers, posted a video of himself playing kickball with his family to Twitter. The results are exactly what you’d imagine.

“Got home today and my fam was playing kickball so I joined in. The only rule is that I’m not allowed to kick it hard. So here is my first at bat,” Gano wrote right before the ‘I’m laughing so hard that I’m crying’ emoji.