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How The Government Could Cut PBS Funding To Your Kid’s Favorite Shows

According to The Hill, President Trump’s transition team met with career staff at the White House prior to the inauguration to streamline government spending. Part of this reportedly includes plans to privatize the Corporation For Public Broadcasting (CPB) and eliminate the National Endowment For The Arts (NEA) and National Endowment For The Humanities (NEH) completely. Among other things, this move could mean that Bob The Builder needs a new job.

The CPB partially funds National Public Radio (NPR) and your kid’s favorite Public Broadcasting System (PBS). Alleged cuts echo a proposal published last year by the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank that’s influenced the Trump transition team. In the past, the CPB received $445.5 million in government funding and $26.67 million of that when to PBS support. So making up for that is going to take a lot of tote bags.

Before you pack up for Canada in the name of Wild Kratts, this isn’t the first time a president has planned to pull public funding from the arts. As Quartz points out, Ronald Regan first promised to cut the NEA completely in 1981 but ended up only trimming 10 percent. Plus, there is the argument that such funding isn’t necessary and could be wasted on productions like “Doggie Hamlet.” While that pisses some taxpayers off, it’s the only Shakespeare your toddler can tolerate.

Still, people are sharing Fred Rogers’ 1969 Senate speech to advocate for the support of public television, just like he did back in the day. And it makes sense why many parents don’t want to take any chances. If they take your kid’s Daniel Tiger away, what the hell are they going to do with all those grr-ific feelings? C-SPAN isn’t exactly known for its lessons on emotional intelligence.

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