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Got a Google Phone? Rejoice! New Emojis Make Your Phone Look Like A Zoo

Now, this is fun.


Today, Friday, July 17, is World Emoji Day! Now, if you weren’t aware of the exciting holiday, luckily, now you are. The holiday is often commemorated by the mass release of new emojis for users of phone and laptops around the world, and today’s celebration, despite the absolute madness of 2020, is no different. This year, Google announced over a hundred new emojis in honor of World Emoji Day. 

The new Emojis will only be available for Android, Google Phone, or users of G Suite products like Google Hangouts, Google Mail, and similar platforms, so unfortunately for iPhone users, new emojis like an anatomically correct heart, a tamale, a teapot, and a magic wand won’t yet be available for people who iMessage instead of text. While that is a bummer, there will at some point be more emojis for Apple users, too.

But the best emojis to hit Google? They’re the ones that are the most likely to drive your kids bonkers. So many of the new emojis are animals from bison and badgers to giraffes, polar bears, different kinds of dogs, and more. Yes, the ninjas are cool, and so are the creepy crawling bug emojis, but the veritable zoo of emojis are sure to entertain your kid and in a time when many of us aren’t able to visit zoos in real life, help them feel like they might be seeing some wild animals in a fun and safe way.