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Google Looks To Optimize Your Refrigerator With New Same-Day Grocery Delivery

As if you needed one more reason to love Google, the company has announced plans to start testing a fresh food and grocery delivery service in San Francisco and another to-be-named city later this year. (That has to be Brooklyn, right?) So next time you pick up diapers but forget dinner (and 14 other items your wife just remembered you needed) you can have it delivered to your doorstep in minutes instead of endlessly wandering the aisles muttering, “Do they even make barbecue-flavored kale chips?”


The service will be an addition to Google Express, which already delivers dry foods and merchandise to customers, and will position Google to compete for a share of the nation’s $10.9 billion online grocery sales market; those sales are expected to increase 9.6 percent annually through 2019. Google has partnered with Whole Foods and Costco, presumably in the hopes that market credibility — in addition to clean, highly functional design and sans serif fonts — will help them stand out in a sea of competitors that includes online grocers/retailer affiliates like FreshDirect and Peapod, Amazon and their similar AmazonFresh service, and startups like Instacart.

While Amazon is currently the least expensive option in New York, Google is pledging to increase next-day deliveries for more than 25 million prospective customers in the Midwest. Which means that, very soon, you could be the last person in the country using a paper list to fill an actual cart .