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Google Home’s Latest Feature Lets You Prank Your Family From Afar

'Broadcast' turns your Google Home devices into an intercom system.

Google continues to roll out new family-friendly features for its Home devices. As of last month, it’ll play interactive games such as Mickey Mouse Adventure and Space Trivia, tell stories, and even help kids with their school assignments if they say, “Okay Google, help me with my homework.” None of those, however, may be as fun or helpful as the feature currently rolling out with the new version of Assistant: Broadcast. It turns your Home devices into an intercom system that you can then use to spook the kids when you’re not at home. That’s more fun than a story, right?

To send a voice message, simply say “Okay Google, broadcast” and utter your words. It will then play the message on every speaker connected to the account. If you’re not at home, again, it doesn’t matter. You can tell the Assistant on your phone while in the car and it will still make the announcement in the house ⏤ no matter how far away you are.

Cooler still, Google’s created special commands you can use to broadcast pre-programmed sounds or messages. Want to let everybody know it’s time for dinner, it’ll ring a dinner bell. How about waking everybody up in the morning? Say: “Okay Google, broadcast, wake up everyone” and a rooster crows. Simple as that. The one catch, everything gets broadcast to the entire network and you can’t yet which speaker the message goes to. rather than specific speakers. That, of course, and you need multiple speakers around the house to use it to the fullest. Clever Google.