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Good Morning America Toured Toy Story Land and… Whoa.

The park looks ready to live up to the hype.

Good Morning America aired the first tour through Disney World’s Toy Story Land this morning and it seems like the hype around the the park has been well warranted. The park looks awesome. Toy Story Land represents a step towards Disney’s goal of drastically expanding their immersive attractions and the whole thing looks very, very immersive. The park makes visitors feel small in both a literal (there are giant human footprints all over and giant sculptures of fan favorites from Toy Story) and rhetorical (remember when that first film came out?) sense. The whole production looks like 11 acres of joy.

“One fun thing that we’re doing is we’re asking the guests to actually join in the entertainment of this land…here you’re actually going to play with our toys,” said Tom Vazzana, Disney World’s Show Director.

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Vazzana went on to describe the first interaction fans will have once they get into the park. They’ll be greeted by life-size versions of the tiny green army soldiers that were featured in the original Toy Story. The green men march up and then play for a little bit before getting guests to move to other locations, including the giant Slinky Dog Dash roller coaster that zips around at the park’s center.

According to Vazzana, the park has been decades in the making. Not just because of the long history of the Toy Story franchise, but because getting the space, approval, and all the collaborators needed to get their heads together. They did and now the wait is just two months. The park opens on June 30 in Orlando so now would be a good time to book a trip (though probably a bit too late to hit it opening weekend). 

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We’re at Walt Disney World with a GMA First Look at the all-new Toy Story Land! It’s a Land decades in the making and we’ve got the scoop on all the magic, joined by some very special guests!

Posted by Good Morning America on Wednesday, May 2, 2018