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Crowdfunding Campaign to Pay for Harlem Kids ‘Black Panther’ Tix Takes Off

Kids deserve to see superheroes that look like them.

Kids enrolled in Harlem’s Boys and Girls Club are in for a treat thanks to New York native Frederick Joseph, who recently launched an extremely successful GoFundMe campaign to pay for 300 of the club’s enrollees to go see the upcoming Marvel blockbuster Black Panther. More than 500 people, including Chelsea Clinton, donated to the campaign, which has already raised more than triple the $10,000 goal.

Joseph explained on Twitter that he decided to use his marketing expertise to help kids get movie tickets because he wanted them to see “that people who look like them can be superheroes, royalty, and more.” Black Panther boasts a primarily black cast, is the first MCU film to be directed by a black man — Ryan Coogler, best known for directing Creed, the most recent entry in the Rocky series — and takes place largely in the afro-futurist paradise of Wakanda. More than 80 percent of the kids working with the Harlem’s Boys and Girls Club are African American, Latino, African, or members of other ethnic minorities.


The average price of a movie ticket in Manhattan, New York where the club is located is $14.30. That (ridiculous) price is likely too high for children from low-income families to get to see a movie like Black Panther. Given that 87 percent of the kids at HBGC qualify for free or reduced lunch and the overwhelming majority come from homes where the average income is under $44,955 for a family if four, Joseph’s project was very well considered.

Having exceeded the goal by almost three times Joseph and the HBGC can now take ever more of the clubs almost 1,000 enrollees to see the movie.