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People Are Furious That Girls’ Clothing Doesn’t Have Pockets

Scores of parents on Twitter are asking the same valid question: Why don't girls pants have pockets?

It’s a question many a frustrated parent has wondered: why the hell don’t girls pants have actual friggin’ pockets? Heather Kaczynski, an author and the mother of a three-year-old girl, touched on this universal truth when she vented on Twitter about the lack of functional pockets on her daughter’s pants — and parents on Twitter joined her to share their annoyance.

“PLEASE PUT POCKETS ON GIRLS PANTS. omg. My 3yo is SO ANGRY when she doesn’t have pockets or the pockets are fake,” Kaczynski’s tweet read. “She has THINGS TO HOLD, like rocks and Power Rangers. She’s resorted to putting stuff down her shirt. come on. pockets for girls please.”

Some of the parents who responded to Kaczynski spoke of buying their daughters clothes made for boys, which often have functional pockets, and the unfair nature of the fashion industry when it comes to girls clothing in general. Others noted that the lack of pockets in women’s pants extends to adult workout clothes and mentioned how lack of pockets in girls clothes really hinders a  child’s rock carrying efficiency. 

Some parents took Kaczynski’s venting as a call to action and started talking about all the weird stuff that kids just seem to keep in their pockets— because kids are weird.