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This Girl Built a ‘Wall of Shame’ to Convince Her Dad to Get a Cat

This 13-year-old girl showed remarkable ingenuity and work ethic in putting the "wall of shame" together.


Shame, some say, is a great motivator. And, bearing this in mind, one 13-year-old girl constructed a “wall of shame” to guilt her father into agreeing to get a cat as a family pet. Shared by the girl’s older sister on Twitter, the entire wall is a masterpiece in manipulation. Decorated with a combination of handwritten notes (i.e.”You’re killing innocent lives”) and photos of cats looking as sad and unloved as possible. There’s even a weeping cat annotated with the note that “This is because of you.” Brutal.

The wall of shame post immediately went viral. In just a few days, Danielle’s tweet has been favorited more than 128,000 times and retweeted nearly 50,000 times. People praised Danielle’s little sister for the innovation and dedication she showed in order to convince her dad he needed a cat in his life. A few users said they may even try making their own “wall of shame” to change the mind of a parent, spouse, or roommate. That sound you hear is dads everywhere rolling their eyes.

The best part of all of this? The “wall of shame” actually ended up working, as her dad felt compelled to adopt an older cat from a local shelter. Danielle shared a picture of her dad and their new cat hanging out on the couch and it looks like they are already becoming fast friends. Until, of course, he rubs its belly.