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Girl Scout’s Cardi B ‘Money’ Remix Goes Viral

The ultimate cookie-selling strategy.

Girl Scouts/Twitter

One Girl Scout came up with a very creative way to boost her Thin Mint sales—and now she’s going viral for it. In a video tweeted on Saturday, the Los Angeles girl remixes Cardi B’s hit “Money” with her own lyrics about selling Girl Scout cookies.

“Been in this game since 2014, selling them cookies is my thing,” Kiki Paschall raps to the beat, while sitting on a giant stack of cookie boxes. “Buy Thin Mints or S’mores, please open up when I knock on your door.”

She goes on to sing “Money, all my troop really needs is money. Selling cookies to make some money. I got girls in my troop, cookies to the roof.”

The clip, which was posted by the official Girls Scouts of the USA Twitter account with the caption, “This @iamcardib MONEY remix is [lit],” already has over 1.3 million views and almost 45,000 likes on social media.

Viewers especially love her #BlackGirlMagic reference, which the Girls Scouts say “is a rallying cry to celebrate the strength, resiliency, and accomplishments of black women and girls who triumphantly succeed in a society where discrimination and inequality remains pervasive.”

This young girl isn’t the first to try the song strategy when it comes to selling boxes of cookies. A father-daughter duo used a similar tactic last year with their parody of Childish Gambino’s “Redbone.”

And as for where the money goes, the Girl Scouts explained, “All cookie proceeds stay local to power girl led leadership programs. Varying amounts stay with the troop and the rest goes to the troop’s council to power the country’s largest annual investment in girls.”