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Girl Scout Cookie Cereal Is Coming In January To Ruin Your New Year’s Resolutions

If you want to inspire your kid to grow up into a Shark Tank-level entrepreneur look no further than the Girl Scouts Of America. They built an itty-bitty bake sale into an industry that has exploited your cookie addiction for a cool $700 million every year since 1999. And now they’re getting your kid started early with the most important cookies of the day: Breakfast cookies. The best part is you can pass them off as cereal.


General Mills confirmed the best breakfast news since Cookie Crisp on Twitter last week, and Girl Scout Cookie Cereal will hit stores sometime in January, so good luck with that New Year’s resolution. This blessing and curse will come in 2 flavors, Thin Mints and Caramel Crunch (presumably what Samoas answer to in the morning), and much to your doctor’s and spouse’s delight will only be available for a limited time because diabetes.

Sure, this might not be as balanced of a breakfast as, say, scrambled eggs, but it’s probably better than pouring a bowl of cookies and milk, which your toddler may or may not be threatening to do anyways. On the bright side, General Mills says that part of the proceeds will benefit the Girl Scouts, and you can beef up your dadbod for the cause … but that doesn’t mean you have to share.

[H/T] Daily Dot