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Toddler Girl Goes Viral Recreating IRL Frozen Scene in Texas

The snow never bothered her anyway!

Credit: Facebook / Kristi Michele

West Texas saw some snowfall this week and it made life way more fun for one Texas toddler. The girl, like so many others, is obsessed with the movie Frozen and she was waiting for enough real-life snow to be able to channel her inner Elsa. The snow fell; she went outside and did her thing. Now she’s gone viral and it’s the cutest scene.

Mom, Kristi Michele shared a video to Facebook of her young daughter, Madelyn dressed up as Elsa from Disney’s Frozen outside in the snow. The video was uploaded on February 5th and has already amassed 23 million views because her daughter’s magic is viral-worthy.

“Madelyn finally got some snow to do her scene,” mom writes along with the video of her daughter. The music of “Let It Go” plays over the video, and you can hear the little girl’s voice singing along. She recreates every single snow bending move from the real movie, and she’s clearly living out her dream. She nails every hand move, every arm swirl, and it’s so purely joy-filled it’s not a surprise it’s had so many views.

Madelyn finally got some snow to do her scene 🤣

Posted by Kristi Michele on Wednesday, February 5, 2020

There have been over 145,000 comments from people who have watched and are cheering on the girl’s moves and thanking the mom for sharing such a precious moment. Of course, because it is the internet and we can’t all be nice, the mom had to address her daughter being outside in the snow without a coat on, but it’s clear that the cold never bothered her anyway, though.

Mom has been sharing videos and photos of little Madelyn dressed up as Frozen characters for a few weeks. There’s another video Kristi shared of her daughter doing the same winter scene from the movie, but she was stuck recreating it indoors without the snow.

My little Elsa singing her favorite song! 😍

Posted by Kristi Michele on Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Kids are magic, and the passion they put into what interests them is adorable and we’re so glad to see Madelyn living out her winter-filled dreams.