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This Huge Tackle Will Show Your Kid That Girls Can Crush It At Football Too

YouTube / NPTV

Whether you’re raising a daughter or not, it’s important for your kid to know that girls can grow up to be whatever they want to be — an award winning chemist, an entrepreneur, a French inventor of the aquarium, and now, perhaps, a high school football star. Over the weekend Kelly Macnamara, the first female football player in North Penn High School history, set the badass bar pretty high when she destroyed her opponent who dared to return her kick, along with a whole bunch of stereotypes.

To put it in sports broadcaster terms, footage of this Mac Attack quickly went viral. And while many people were surprised by the sophomore’s performance, her coach Dick Beck was anything but. “The message I hope people will take away from [seeing this video] is that girls can do anything,” he told People Magazine. “But we’ve always known that.” As a soccer player turned kicker, it’s as surprising as it is impressive that she’s kicking as much ass at football. The hit helped her team win 33-14 and continue their undefeated streak at 7-0.

Still, it’s Macnamara’s attitude you probably want your kid to admire most, because the 17-year-old is anything but a cocky star athlete. “I’m still doing everything every sophomore does. I carry in the water bottles, I clean them, I take all the balls and put them away,” she said in her school paper The Knight CrierClearly, her father doesn’t have to worry about humility, not to mention her ability to handle teenage boys.

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