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This Brilliant 10-Year-Old Girl Asked for Lasagna Instead of Cake on Her Birthday

Garfield would be proud.

Reddit: Johnnyoneshot

In a move that would surely make Garfield beam with pride, a young girl recently asked if she could forgo the traditional birthday cake in favor of a delicious tray of lasagna instead. Her dad was more than happy to oblige her bizarre but brilliant request, making sure that his daughter celebrated her tenth birthday with a hearty serving of candle-lit pasta.

When the big day arrived and her celebratory lasagna was served, her dad took a photo of her blowing out the candles and posted it on Reddit, where the picture quickly went viral. In less than 24 hours, the post has received more than 37,000 upvotes and even ended up on the site’s front page.

For her tenth birthday, my daughter wanted lasagna. Sure thing kid from funny

Several commenters commended the girl’s practical choice of a hybrid birthday meal and dessert, and one user even chimed in that they had asked for a pot roast in lieu of a birthday cake growing up. Perhaps the post will inspire others to branch out from the traditional birthday cake trope and instead request another celebratory dish on their big day. Birthday steak? Birthday burrito? Birthday ramen? In this brave new world, anything is possible.