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Barbra Streisand Sent Gianna Floyd Some Disney Stock

Gianna posed proudly with her new stock certificate in an Instagram post.

Given the weirdness that is 2020, it might honestly be stranger if the star of 1968’s Funny Girl wasn’t mailing Disney stocks to George Floyd’s daughter Gianna.

Someone close to Gianna Floyd started an Instagram account in her name. So far, they’ve mostly posted shots of Gianna with her father and some calls for social justice, but one post shows the smiling six-year-old holding a piece of paper. Swiping through the images reveals that the paper is part of a Disney stock certificate; the caption reveals who it’s from.

“Thank You @barbrastreisand for my package, I am now a Disney Stockholder thanks to you,” the caption read, followed by a trio of smiling heart emoji.

Gianna was, of course, tragically left without a father after Minneapolis police killed him, igniting a wave of protests and activism across the country and world. After her father’s death, Gianna became a viral sensation when Stephen Jackson — former NBA player and longtime friend to George Floyd — posted a video of her smiling and saying “Daddy changed the world.”

Gianna’s educational future is set, with Kanye West offering to pay her tuition and Texas Southern University — in the same Houston neighborhood where George Floyd grew up — offering her an admission spot and a full scholarship.

Streisand’s gift will help shore up her financial future, which hopefully is already pretty solid given the millions raised by a GoFundMe established in her name. It wasn’t revealed how many Disney shares Gianna received.

Gianna’s DVD collection also got a boost, as Streisand’s package included My Name is Barbra and Color Me Barbra, two of her specials from the mid-1960s.