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Technically, You Can Get Your Partner Pregnant While Pregnant

If you’ve ever tried to have sex during a pregnancy, you may be guilty of making the joke “it’s not like you can get pregnant again.” Well, as the New York Times recently pointed out that this line is not scientifically sound. Your pregnant partner can get pregnant twice. It’s called superfetation and it’s super freaky. Also, superfety.

Normally, a woman’s body stops releasing eggs when she’s pregnant as a biological response that keeps them from becoming pregnant again. But fertility treatments shake that up. For your spouse to become twice as pregnant, several “seemingly impossible events” have to take place. First, ovulation must occur during an ongoing pregnancy, then your swimmers must somehow get past a blocked cervix to the oviduct. Finally, your sneaky sperm has to implant itself in an already very much occupato uterus.

There are currently only 10 documented cases of superfetation in humans, so it’s super rare. In 2015, a couple in Australia became pregnant within 10 days after their initial pregnancy. More surprising, the fertilization for both fetuses happened from the same intercourse session. That means this dude’s sperm stuck around for a whole 10 days until another egg dropped and bam! She’s superfeted.

If you can technically get pregnant twice from a single roll in the sheets, then the risk of superfetation is not really a reason to not have sex. Sure, your partner can probably think of a few other reasons like housing a human, but there are things you can do to keep the spark alive. Regardless, you’re probably not going to get into a double bind. But you might have to give a double foot rub.

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