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You Can Now Get Drunk Like Captain Kirk From ‘Star Trek’

New 'Star Trek' whiskey exists, because, hey, why not?

Paramount Pictures

Nerds have long debated about the differences between the universes of Star Trek and Star Wars, but the real difference is that in Star Wars, people drink in bars, but in Star Trek, they just drink wherever they want. Whether he’s played by William Shatner or Chris Pine, Captain James T. Kirk is easily the biggest lush in the Final Frontier. And now, we can all drink just like Kirk.

This week, Silver Screen Bottling Co. announced an “official” James T. Kirk Straight Bourbon Whiskey. You can’t order this in a bar, yet, but you can pre-order a bottle right here, where they’re also selling signature glasses, and showing the whiskey next to cigars, even though Kirk never really smoked. (Except for that one time he was in a space prison in Star Trek VI.)

If you don’t want to order Star Trek whiskey online, the James T. Kirk Straight Bourbon Whiskey will also be on sale at San Diego Comic-Con, starting on July 19. At that point, Silver Screen Bottling Co. will announce other Star Trek-themed spirits. What kind of booze will they decide is Picard’s drink of choice. (Spoiler alert, everyone knows it’s going to be a bottle of red wine since Picard’s family freaking makes wine in The Next Generation.)

Afficnandos might point out that Kentucky Bourbon is sort of weird choice for Kirk since it’s Dr. “Bones” McCoy who is the smooth southern drunk from the original Trek. Still, because Bones is the one who usually got Kirk liquored up in the original series, this all makes some kind of sense.

It’s unclear how long you’ll have to wait until you can order James T. Kirk whiskey in an actual bar, but hopefully, it will be sometime before the Twenty-third century.