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New Gerber Baby Is First to Have Down Syndrome

Lucas beat out more than 140,000 other babies to earn the coveted title of 'Gerber Baby.'


This week, Gerber made history when it launched its newest ad campaign centered around Lucas, the first-ever ‘Gerber Baby’ with Down Syndrome. Lucas made his debut on Gerber’s Facebook Page in a video campaign titled Gerber Baby Lucas: “Make Every Little Bite Count.”

The video features Lucas enjoying some of Gerber’s organic puffs while showing off the mega-watt smile that got him the gig in the first place. In an interview with Today, Lucas’ mom Courtney said that her son has started getting recognized in public since being picked as the newest Gerber Baby.

“It’s not much different from our normal lives, but more people come up and know Lucas by name,” Courtney told Today. “Now, it’s not only our friends but people we’ve never met coming up to us and saying, ‘Hey Lucas!’”

Earlier this year, Gerber announced that Lucas would be the newest Gerber Baby, marking the first time the baby food company had chosen a child with Down Syndrome to be the iconic face of the franchise. Lucas beat out more than 140,000 other babies and infants who auditioned for the role, as parents were invited to nominate their kids through a photo search contest.

Lucas garnered even more attention this week when a photo popped up online of him being held by 91-year-old Ann Turner Cook, the original Gerber Baby. Cook was chosen as the first face of the company back in 1928. The adorable photo of the two was posted on Twitter by Cook’s grandson, and it quickly went viral. In just two days, the post has received more than 65,000 likes and nearly 8,000 retweets.