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Georgia Teachers Do the Impossible, Release Actually Cool Back-to-School Rap Video

This song slaps.

Two teachers in Albany, Georgia, at Monroe Comprehensive High School, are going viral this week after doing what some may conceive to be the impossible: they made a rap music video about going back to school online and honestly, made it really freaking good. While in the past, some might hear “teachers make rap video” and experience a full-body-cringe, relegated to the past world of after-school-specials, the two teachers in the video, Mrs. Callie Evans and Mrs. Audri Williams, absolutely smashed their cover of “What’s Poppin” by Jack Harlow in order to get kids pumped for returning to virtual learning, a basically Herculean task.

According to Entertainment Online, who spoke to the teachers, the teachers wrote their own verses and coached each other and then hit the studio and used their own team of cheerleaders at the school to help choreograph the videos. (In the videos, while the teachers are maskless and rapping, the cheerleaders are masked and dancing. It’s a really fun watch.)

Mrs. Audri Williams said of the project, “Honestly, the only outcome that we wanted to get out of this was to really get the kids excited about going back to school virtually. With everything going on with COVID-19, a lot of things being misplaced, families being lost, we just wanted to bring back some excitement into everyone’s lives. Even the teachers’ lives, because we were worried about how the school year would be too, she said. 

And, apparently, Jack Harlow saw the video and approved, commenting, “Yeahhhhh miss Williams,” on one of their posts on Instagram.