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Dumb Parenting Trends Reach New Heights with Gender-Reveal Lasagna

It's served family-style, naturally.

Villa Italian Kitchen

Without a celebrity guest or a failsafe fire safety plan, gender reveal parties are dull affairs. There are only two potential outcomes and you, the typical gender reveal party attendee, should be more worried about the health of the brand-new human than what color his or her parents will paint the nursery.

But even though the most memorable gender reveals are the failures, that hasn’t prevented soon-t0-be parents from searching for new ways to create a spectacle and companies from obliging them. The latest definitely-doing-this-for-the-internet-attention “innovation” in this field is the gender reveal lasagna.

Instead of cutting into a cake to reveal blue or pink icing, expectant parents can now cut into an Italian casserole to reveal blue or pink ricotta. And by blue, we mean kind of a sickly blue-green amalgamation that doesn’t look particularly fit for human consumption. Strangely, there don’t seem to be any pictures of the pink filling online, which doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

We owe this striking moment in culinary innovation to Villa Italian Kitchen, a chain of Italian restaurants based in Morristown, New Jersey with hundreds of locations worldwide. The $139.99 gender reveal package comes with a tray of the chain’s “famed” garlic rolls and your choice of salad in addition to a disposable aluminum tray full of enough dyed lasagna to feed a dozen people.

Lasagna isn’t the most exciting way to tell people the gender of your baby, but it’s definitely one of the hardest to screw up. And when you consider the long history of gender reveal mishaps, a slice of unnaturally colored lasagna starts to look pretty appetizing.