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‘Gemini Man’ Post-Credits Scene? Here’s How Long to Wait

Do you need to stick around and see if a clone of this clone movie is coming soon? Here's the deal.

Credit: Paramount Pictures

If you like watching Will Smith fight Will Smith and are curious how a movie with this premise has somehow not already been made, luckily Gemini Man is here. The movie might not be the smartest thing in the universe, but it’s a great-looking flick that will remind you why sometimes waiting for streaming releases makes movies suck. Gemini Man is that rare action flick that really demands to be experienced in a theater. But what about the ending? Does this movie set-up the potential for more Gemini Men? Is there a post-credits scene? Here’s the non-spoiler answer.

No spoilers for Gemini Man ahead. Just a little bit of info about when you can plan that bathroom break.

Without spoiling the ending of the movie at all, Gemini Man does not have a post-credits scene. This means you can 100 percent head for the exit right as the credits start to roll. This isn’t to say director Ang Lee couldn’t make a movie set in this fictional universe, it’s just that right now, creating a big franchise isn’t the aim of this movie. It’s no spoiler this movie deals with clones, but in terms of making a cinematic clone of itself, that doesn’t seem to be in the cards. Yet.

Still, do yourself a favor and catch Gemini Man if you can. Younger Will Smith battling older (but not busted) Will Smith is thrilling and deeply weird. It’s also such a good lucking movie that you can forgive the oversight of not having a scene in  which both Will Smiths have a rap battle trading versuses of “Summertime.”

Gemini Man is out in wide release in theaters on Friday, October 11.