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Man Uses Giant Alligator to Reveal the Sex of His Child

When it came time for T-Mike Kliebert (aka the Gator King) to let the world know the sex of his baby, it had to involve an alligator, of course.

Facebook: Melody Kliebert

There are few things expectant parents love more than going all-out to reveal the sex of their soon-to-be-born baby to family and friends. A Louisiana man, however, took the reveal to the next level recently when he used a real-life alligator to announce the sex of his unborn baby.

Now, in all fairness, T-Mike Kliebert is actually an alligator trainer by trade, and he’s more commonly known as “The Gator King.” He works at Kliebert’s Turtle & Alligator Farm, which is owned by his family and was featured on the first season of Swamp People on the History Channel. So it’s not like some lawyer from the Chicago suburbs rented an alligator from Pet Smart to impress his neighbors. That said, it doesn’t make the Gator King’s swamp creature stunt any less impressive, especially considering it involves a giant alligator on his front lawn.

Kliebert’s epic sex reveal extravaganza begins with him casually trying to get Sally, the 60-year-old alligator, to open her mouth. Meanwhile his friends and family calmly and happily watched like it was no big deal, with one person even yelling “Let’s get this party going!” while Kliebert struggled with Sally. Eventually, The Gator King was able to coax Sally to open her massive mouth and tossed a tiny watermelon inside. When Sally bit down on the watermelon, it exploded and sent blue goop flying everywhere, revealing that The Gator King would be welcoming a Gator Prince into his family.

Just found out my grand baby is a ,,,,,,gotta love it!! And I do !! No matter the results !!

Posted by Melody Kliebert on Sunday, March 25, 2018

Tossing a watermelon into the mouth of an alligator is a pretty wild way for someone to reveal the sex of their child and thankfully, the entire event was captured on video by T-Mike’s mom Melody and exactly everybody else in attendance. The Gator King’s mother uploaded the video to Facebook over the weekend, where it quickly went viral. In just three days, the video has more than five million views and has been shared 75,000 times.