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‘Game of Thrones’ Writer Reveals Which Character They Almost Didn’t Kill

It would have changed everything.

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Game of Thrones has never had a problem killing off beloved characters, starting with Ned Stark — who felt like he’d be a protagonist throughout the show — getting decapitated in the first season. So fans weren’t surprised when Ser Jorah Mormont, Daenerys’s most loyal warrior-servant, appropriately met his end protecting the queen from the Army of the Dead.

But it almost didn’t happen that way.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, writer Dave Hill talked about the road not taken with Jorah’s fate.

“For a long time we wanted Ser Jorah to be there at The Wall in the end,” he said. “The three coming out of the tunnel would be Jon and Jorah and Tormund. But the amount of logic we’d have to bend to get Jorah up to The Wall and get him to leave Dany’s side right before [the events in the finale] … there’s no way to do that blithely. And Jorah should have the noble death he craves defending the woman he loves.”

Of course, it would have been quite interesting to see how Jorah, whose loyalty was absolute throughout the show, would have reacted to Daenerys’s dark turn in the penultimate episode.

Iain Glen, the actor who played Ser Jorah, seems satisfied with his character’s fate.

“There’s a sweetness in that because Jorah will never know what she did,” Glen says. “That’s probably best. It’s a blessing for him that he never found out what happened to her. And from a pragmatic story point of view, his death served a greater purpose. Where could we have taken Jorah from there? Fuck if I know.”