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‘Game of Thrones’ Star Shares On-Set Breastfeeding Photo

She's one multitasking mama.

Gemma Whelan/Instagram

Sunday night’s emotional episode isn’t the only thing that Game of Thrones fans are talking about this week. Actress Gemma Whelan, who plays Yara Greyjoy, also made headlines when she shared a photo on Instagram of her breastfeeding her baby in between filming.

“Aggressive fighter, loving mother,” HBO wrote on Whelan’s post on Sunday, which showed her still in costume while her daughter nursed. Whelan, who commented that the picture is “my actual life on set between whatever we actually were filming,” gave birth to the 18-month-old in October 2017 with partner Gerry Howell.

And fans are loving Whelan’s refreshing honesty about life as a working mom. “Thank you for helping normalize breastfeeding!” one said, while another joked, “When you have to fight Euron at 6 and feed your kid at 7.”

It isn’t the first time that Whelan has posted a breastfeeding photo. In March, the 38-year-old shared a similar snap, with the caption, “She BiiiiiiiG but she still loving the boob…! Out and proud suckling away…!” adding that “I’ve never had any feeling that’s it’s not normal but I suppose she’s very big now and it could look a bit strange to some people.”

Whelan also confessed to Good Morning Britain that her daughter, who she brought with her while shooting the HBO series, is the only one she’s told the ending to Game of Thrones. “She can’t tell anyone,” Whelan joked. “She was very little [when we started filming] she came on set for the whole thing with me because I was breastfeeding her.”