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How to Get Your Hands on the Limited-Edition ‘Game of Thrones’ Oreos

Just in time for the final season.


Winter is coming—but so are Game of Thrones Oreos. To celebrate the approach of the show’s much-anticipated final season, Nabisco is releasing a limited-edition line of cookies that even Jon Snow would approve of.

The cookies, which come in the classic Oreo flavor, are emblazoned with one of four different designs. Three of them bear the sigils of the three Great Houses fighting for the Iron Throne (the House Stark direwolf, the House Targaryen three-headed dragon, and the House Lannister golden lion). The fourth cookie features an etched profile of the Night King.

Even the package is as badass as the show itself. All black with “Oreo” written in the gothic GoT font, it stars a single cookie sitting on the Iron Throne. Fans can post pictures of their chosen cookies on social media with the hashtags #GameofCookies and #ForTheThrone for the chance to win a special prize.

Game of Thrones is one of the most talked about TV shows of a generation, so partnering with HBO was a great way to bring something unexpected to our classic cookie as a tribute to the show’s legacy,” Oreo brand manager Kamila De Maria told USA Today.

To announce the launch, Oreo recreated the opening title sequence of the show with a landscape constructed entirely of chocolate sandwich cookies (2,750 to be exact!).

The new Oreos, which are only available while supplies last, will hit shelves on April 8, less than a week before the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones airs on HBO on April 14.

And it isn’t the first collab that’s come out to get fans excited for the GoT finale. HBO has also released themed Johnnie Walker whiskeys, a line of Adidas sneakers, and an Urban Decay makeup collection, to name a few.