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The Best Reactions to That Insane ‘Game of Thrones’ Finale

A lot happened in the 'Game of Thrones' finale, and Twitter had a lot of opinions.

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We knew before it aired that the final episode of Game of Thrones would engender strong opinions. It’s a show people have spent hours watching and rewatching and theorizing and arguing about, and the finale was the last chance the producers had to make that investment pay off. While there were some definite high points, the consensus seems to be one of disappointment with how it all came to a close.

The episode began in the aftermath of the destruction of King’s Landing. Tyrion wanders through the carnage to find Daenerys presiding over a fascist rally. Disgusted, he throws down his Hand of the Queen brooch and is naturally taken into custody.

After a chat with Tyrion about what to do about their megalomaniacal queen, Jon makes his way to the now open-air throne room. Daenerys is there, staring at the throne, but she never gets to sit on it.

Drogon was particularly upset, and his wailing was the most heartbreaking part of the entire episode.

In his grief, Drogon blasts the Iron Throne with fire before carrying Daenerys’s body away.

This climax occurred fairly early in the episode, and the remainder was just everyone figuring out what to do. An ad hoc group of fan favorites is assembled to decide who will be the king.

After a speech by Tyrion about the power of storytelling — kind of confusing, to be honest — they decide that Bran, who knows all the stories, will be king. Sansa decides without pushback to rule the North as an independent kingdom. Tyrion becomes the Hand of the King against his will (again) and Jon is sent to the Night’s Watch (again).

One thing that did make people happy: Jon’s reunion with Ghost at Castle Black.

The new small council assembles, a bit of fan service that saw favorites like Davos, Bronn, Brienne, and Samwell ascend to leadership positions and discuss the issues of the realm.

Brienne, the new commander of the Kingsguard, sits down to write Jamie’s entry in the history of the group, which inspired the best meme we’ve seen from the finale.

But overall folks seem baffled and disappointed by how the show finally ended.