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Everyone Is Freaking Out About That Dragon Stare Down in ‘Game of Thrones’

Daenerys's dragons were not pleased with her choice of makeout partner.


Everyone’s favorite dragon– and nudity-laden prestige cable drama finally returned last night, and it did not disappoint. From Bran and Jaime’s long-awaited reunion to Jon Snow finally learning about his lineage, there was plenty for Game of Thrones fans to chat about on Twitter and, for those experiencing HBO’s streaming delays on one of the biggest nights in the network’s history, plenty to complain about.

But the moment that stood out to many was when Jon, mid-kiss with Danaerys, opened his eyes to see the massive, scaly face of one of her dragons staring him down at him with an energy that can only be described as judgmental. It’s unclear whether the dragons don’t care for Jon because he’s making out with their mom–after all, no kid wants to see that–or if it’s because he’s making out with his aunt, which we agree also is less than ideal. You’ll have to judge for yourself, and luckily the moment was promptly turned into an animated GIF for posterity.

The scene is essentially two different reactions: the dragon reacting with menace to the ickiness in front of him and Jon reacting with nervousness at the massive flying fire breather staring him down. So it makes sense that people quickly posted their favorite reaction GIFs that captured the spirit of the uncomfortable interaction.

And while they’re clearly a lot more than just pets to Daenerys, plenty of people were reminded of their cats‘ behavior in similar situations.

And given the icy glares exchanged by Bran and Jaimie, we wouldn’t be surprised if this episode is remembered as the one with all the staring (and dragon riding).

Now that the thrill of the first episode is over, we’re left staring at our GoT-free screens until next Sunday, when the next glorious hour of the show premieres, possibly with even more staring.