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These ‘Game of Thrones’ Dragon Eggs Are the Latest Weird Gender Reveal Trend

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There’s a new way for expecting Game of Thrones fans to find out if they’re going to have a little Khaleesi or a little Jon Snow: gender reveal dragon eggs.

Available on Amazon for $45 each, the four-inch eggs are handmade out of 400 individual hand-painted metal scales. When exposed to heat, those scales slowly change color from black to either pink or blue, revealing whether the baby-to-be is a boy or a girl.

Parents can use warm water, direct sunlight, a hairdryer, or even their own body heat to activate the egg. Explaining that each egg is unique, the product description reassures parents that, “Thankfully the eggs will not hatch into dragons. Babies & dragons do not mix well together!”

Another bonus that makes the color-changing creation worth the $45? It’s reusable, so parents can pass it down to their little prince or princess or use it again for baby number two. Simply place the egg in the refrigerator to cool it down and restore it to its original hue.

And while it’s unique, the Game of Thrones egg isn’t the first—or the most bizarre—new gender reveal trend of 2019. Earlier this year, gender reveal lasagna went viral thanks to a New Jersey chain that served up layers of blue and pink ricotta.  

Has the whole craze gone too far? “The reveals get crazier and crazier,” Carly Gieseler of the CIty University of New York, who wrote a paper on the trendy, told CNN, adding, “In some ways, it’s great, it’s a celebration, it’s visual. But it might be a thing where parents-to-be feel pressure to celebrate the birth.”