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The Funniest Tweets From Parents Who Are Already Done With Spring Sports

Parents have taken to Twitter to gripe about the beginning of spring sports.


Winter is over and spring is finally here. *Points hands to the sky and rejoices* While the idea of not being cooped up inside has many excited to watch their kids hit singles, score goals, or, let’s face it, run in the wrong direction because wheeeeeee, the prospect of spring sports and all the obligations that come with them, isn’t sitting well with a lot of sports parents. And many are taking to Twitter to gripe about the headaches of being a sports parent. Some parents bemoaned expensive equipment and the loss of scheduling anything on the weekends, while others griped about scraped knees, coaching obligations, and the laundry, my god, the laundry that they’ll have to deal with. We feel them. We really do. Here, then, are some of the funniest #overit posts from parents who are already sick of their kids spring sports.