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This Interactive Graph Shows How Likely You Are To Get Divorced (Spoiler: It’s Not 50 Percent)

Good news everyone: That old saw about how half of all marriages end in divorce? According to Data Wizard Nathan Yau at Flowing Data, that’s not exactly accurate. After taking a deep dive into the 2014 American Community Survey, Yau factored in everything from employment status to education to race to gender and found that divorce rates have never exceeded … 45 percent. How romantic.

Because Yau is Yau, of course he created a delightful interactive graph to play with. Clicking around you’ll come upon several revelations, like how Asians have an ancient secret to marriage and only divorce 15 percent of the time. Staying employed seems to help with marriage across the board (as it does with everything else in life) and the longer you stay married the more likely you are to be married. But don’t pat yourself on the back yet because the U.S. still has the third highest divorce rate in the world, behind Belarus and the Maldives — which seem like terrible destinations for weddings.

Flowing Data

If you’re employed and/or have an advanced degree, you could make a case for being better at marriage (though you probably shouldn’t). The fact that women were more likely to divorce in these demographics surprised Yau, who suspects it’s due to the fact that men tend to marry later and die younger and have less opportunity to divorce. Well, you win some, you lose some.