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Frozone’s Family Is Finally Revealed in ‘Incredibles 2’ Fan Art

The most iconic yet unseen family in Pixar history has gotten their due, for now.

Crystal Hill

Frozone might be the best supplementary character in the Disney/Pixar canon. While he had a much smaller role in the first Incredibles movie, by the time Incredibles 2 rolled around, he was a vital part of getting the plot going. Still, though he’s become a way more prominent character in the franchise, a lot of the particulars surrounding his actual home life are still a pretty big mystery. But, some pretty dope fanart is changing that and giving fans an imagined look at his whole family.

The picture comes courtesy of artist Crystal Hill, who imaged his wife and three kids. Just like their dad, who has powers related to ice, each of the kids in the picture has some kind of elemental superpower. One of them seems to be holding fire, one is toying with water, and the other has a vine wrapped around his leg.

Crystal Hill

Frozone’s wife seems to be the only one depicted here who doesn’t have superpowers, and honestly, the image gives a good reason why she gets so mad everytime he leaves the house to do his superhero thing. What kind of non-superpowered person would want to be left alone at home with three super children? The mess. The inevitable fighting. It all sounds very vexing. It also might explain just why his wife truly believes that she’s the “greatest good”  he’s ever gonna get.