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Weezer Covers Huge ‘Frozen 2’ Song With Kristen Bell and It Slaps

The world's most famous cover band has done it again.

It’s been nearly two years since one teenager’s viral campaign to convince Weezer to cover Toto’s “Africa” took off, and the band eventually obliged. Its “Africa” eventually made its way to an entire album of reimagined versions of popular songs.

Weezer’s transformation from the pop-rock stalwarts of the ’90s and aughts to the world’s most famous cover band continues with the release of its take on “Lost in the Woods,” the power ballad showstopper that Disney somehow dropped right in the middle of the Frozen 2 soundtrack.

The music video for the song features the fur-clad band wandering around a dramatically lit, fog-covered set reminiscent of the Enchanted Forest. They’re accompanied by Kristen Bell, who appears several times but always fades away just as she seems within reach, leaving the still-bespectacled Rivers Cuomo all by himself.

Sadly, Bell doesn’t seem to make a musical contribution to the song.

The deluxe edition of the movie’s soundtrack also has Panic! at the Disco’s take on “Into the Unknown” and a Kacey Musgraves version of “All Is Found.” All in all, they’re fine. No one would argue that they’re the most necessary recordings ever made, but if your kids are going to play this soundtrack ad nauseam, it’s nice to have some covers to break up the standard Disney music formula.

And if you grew up with “My Name Is Jonas, “Say It Ain’t So,” and “Hash Pipe” on heavy rotation, it’s kind of cool to see that same band making music for your kids to rock out to on the way to soccer practice.