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‘Frozen 2’ Is Making Better Superheroes For Our Daughters, One Scrunchie at a Time

When have you ever seen a superhero tie her hair back before entering battle? Have you ever?


On November 4, Disney dropped their final trailer for Frozen 2. The trailer, a quick teaser showing key shots of Anna and Elsa, the movie’s heroines, gearing up for what is sure to be an intense fight to come. Battles are foretold, images of the past are shown, the heroes have to go north to find the truth, potentially about their past — and tornadoes, adventures, big gales of ice, and epic battles are surely to come. But perhaps the most exciting part of the teaser takes place within the first few seconds of the trailer: Elsa, clearly preparing for battle or a big moment, puts her hands behind her head and pulls her hair into a ponytail, conceivably using a hair tie to do so.

That shouldn’t sound that revolutionary. After all, putting one’s hair up in a ponytail or whatever up-do is a daily, sometimes more than daily, event that women do when they need to run, get sweaty, are cleaning, focusing on their work, eating, walking, talking, about to go to sleep, just want to, are waking up from sleep, about to take a shower, about to put their shoes on, walk their dog, or, yeah, get into a massive frozen ice battle with what might be the sequel’s big bad. 

But for some reason, it’s rarely seen in popular media. Consider the superhero movie: have you ever seen Scarlet Witch from the Avengers take a second to pull back her hair before she goes absolutely ape-shit on a bunch of Thanos’s goons?

No. No, you haven’t. What about DC’s Wonder Woman, whose long tresses extent to nearly her waist? Does she pull her hair back before she does flips, kicks, and murders some bad guys? No. her hair stays long, flowing, and without a doubt, in her face.

What about Captain Marvel, arguably Marvel’s most feminist output? Does she ever put her hair up? No. For some reason, even when she’s flying through Earth’s atmosphere at the speed of light, about to literally fly through warships, her hair stays put. 

And you know what? It’s time for the Big Hair lobby to take a backseat to what all women in the world really know to be true: we need to put our hair up sometimes! Especially when we’re about to engage in some strenuous physical activity! That shit gets in your face, in your mouth, covers your line of vision, and makes you even sweatier! (But when have you ever seen a superhero sweat?) 

So, three cheers for Frozen 2. Whether or not it’s a good movie, it’s clearly an accurate representation of being a woman, despite the magical powers and the beautiful blue eyeballs that are the size of fists. Frozen II is out in theaters on November 22.