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Parents Rejoice: Frontier Airlines is Letting Kids Fly for Free

If you're willing to work within the fine print, you can save a lot of cash.

Tomás Del Coro/Flickr

It’s too late for holiday travel season, but a new program from Frontier Airlines could make your spring break family trip much more affordable. When parents join Discount Den, Frontier’s new savings club, their kids can fly free on select flights.

A one-year membership will run you $59.99. It guarantees access to the lower fares available on Frontier’s website, discounts for up to six people per booking, and advanced notice of deals and schedule extensions, but the best perk is definitely the Kids Fly Free program for kids 14 and under (on the first day or travel).

There are, as you expect, some catches. Flights are available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays that aren’t holiday-adjacent from February to August, so don’t plan on getting a free fare for a weekend getaway or a 4th of July trip. And it isn’t all flights, just “select flights,”

You’ll also still have to pay for things like bags and seat selection, and only one kid can fly for free for every adult ticket.

To take advantage of the benefit after you buy a membership, all you have to do is search for flights on eligible days, indicating that you’ll be traveling with a child. Then, simply select the Discount Den fare instead of the standard option.

We searched for a flight from Laguardia to Atlanta, departing on Tuesday, February 12 and returning on Wednesday, February 13. The Discount Den fares were $10 cheaper on both legs of the flight, so there’s $20 in savings right there. You’d also save $49 each way on a ticket for your kid, bringing the total to $118 in this example, or nearly twice the cost of the membership.

So here’s the bottom line: if you’re OK with a bare-bones flying experience on a budget airline and don’t mind traveling on select days and flights, consider joining the Discount Den. Even if you only use it for one roundtrip ticket, it’ll pay for itself.