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‘Friends’ or ‘Seinfeld’? The Debate Over Which Show Is Funnier Is Tearing Twitter Apart

I think we all know.

Warner Bros. and NBC

If you’re alive in 2019, you know that the internet has never agreed on anything. Not once! Especially not on Twitter, aka the Wild West of debates. This fact was proven yet again by a question posed by Australian news site, which asked Twitter users to choose either Friends or Seinfeld as the better sitcom.

‘OK, let’s settle this…’Friends’ Vs ‘Seinfeld’: Which show is better?” the publication wrote in a tweet, along with a video compilation of some of both shows’ best moments. To a culture obsessed with the 1990s and also being right, this query is essentially an atomic bomb. Fans of both Friends and Seinfeld have flooded the thread with their input, and it’s getting heated.

Smash Mouth, another product of the 90s, swooped in with a resounding vote for Seinfeld. “Seinfeld! Not even close! Best sitcom EVER!” the band wrote in reply.

Other Seinfeld fans called out the incredible writing and meme-worthy hilarity of the show.

There’s no shortage of support for Friends, though, with many citing the show’s popularity on Netflix and uproar when the platform said it was removing the show.

Some chose to approach the question with reason and maturity, an extremely rare occurrence on Twitter. “It’s like comparing apples and oranges,” one user wrote. “Both shows have equal merit. Seinfeld has clever writing and was much funnier, but Friends has much greater character depth and development. Both shows have 10/10 casting and acting. Enjoy and respect both like a normal person.”

Where’s the fun in that?