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Taco Day Is the Great Fast Food Socialist Experiment Where You Eat Free Tacos

Here's how to take advantage of this bizarre event.

National Taco Day is a made-up marketing holiday, for sure, but it’s also a day when the taco lovers of America (and who doesn’t love tacos) can score some tacos on the cheap; and often, for free.  Have all these fast-food chains briefly gone socialist? Well, yes and no. Because you almost certainly have to sign-up for more corporate advertising to get the coveted free tacos, fast food chains like Taco Bell and Jack-In-the-Box are certainly trying to trick you into thinking they believe in socialism, but did we mention free tacos?

There are free tacos on National Taco Day, and here’s how you can get them at the biggest fast-food chains in America.

Taco Bell

The Bell is offering taco “gift sets”—two crunchy, two Doritos Locos Nacho Cheese—for $5. Don’t forget the Fire sauce.

Burger King

You can get a crispy taco for just a dollar today at participating Burger King locations.

Long John Silver’s

You can grab a wild Alaskan pollock, grilled salmon, or grilled shrimp taco for free with any purchase.

On the Border

How many tacos can you eat in one sitting? A great way to find out is by paying $9 or $10, depending on location, for unlimited tacos at On the Border. And for a couple bucks extra, you can even get southwest chicken or brisket.

Del Taco

Download the Del Taco app to take advantage of two different offers: a free taco with any purchase and, if you use the app to make a purchase, a free Beyond meatless taco.

Baja Fresh

Use this coupon to get BOGO tacos at Baja Fresh.


The ‘Bees sells tacos; who knew? Certain locations in Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, and New York are selling the chicken wonton taco appetitizer for a buck, today only.

Jack in the Box

Sign up for email offers and you’ll get a free taco with any purchase.