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Freddie Freeman Trick or Treater Barely Recognizes Real Freddie Freeman

Freeman's wife posted video of the encounter to Twitter, where it quickly went viral.


Freddie Freeman has played all ten of his seasons in the Major Leagues with the Atlanta Braves. He a very good player, with over 1,400 career hits and a Gold Glove. He’s a four-time All-Star, including last season, and the second-highest-paid player on the Braves.

Freeman is one of the most visible athletes in Atlanta, so it’s understandable that young Atlantans would dress up as him for Halloween. But one Freeman cosplayer, out for an evening of trick-or-treating didn’t seem to recognize the slugger, as captured in a hilarious video shot by Freeman’s wife Chelsea and posted to Twitter.

With son Charlie, a mini-Spiderman, in one hand and a tote bag full of candy in the other, Freeman is seen crossing the street when he spots a kid in a Braves hat, shirsey, and baseball pants walking the opposite direction.

“Are you me for Halloween?” the veteran with a lifetime .293 average asks.

The kid, whether because of bewilderment, confusion, or pure shock doesn’t react the way you’d expect a kid meeting his favorite ballplayer. “Yeah,” he replies, almost nonchalantly.

“That’s my last name and that’s my baseball number,” Freeman says pointing to the back of his shirt. All the kid can do is nod and say yeah when Freddie, who’s clearly getting a kick out of this interaction, asks if he wants to take a picture.

Since she posted the 11-second clip, Chelsea has retweeted a reply from a woman identifying herself as the kid’s mom.

We’re not sure who enjoyed this more: the kid, his mom, Freeman, or the four million people who’ve watched the video in less than 24 hours.