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Fred Savage Explains Why Having Kids Ruined All His Favorite Movies

'Watch them again with a new lens, it all falls apart."

Youtube/Late Night with Seth Meyers

It’s no secret that a lot changes when you have kids. Priorities shift, downtime is a rarity, and traveling anywhere, even to the grocery store, is an ordeal. But in a recent appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers, The Wonder Years actor Fred Savage points out yet another part of life that’s irreversibly altered by kids: all your favorite movies.

When Meyers asks Savage if he enjoys sharing his favorite films with his kids, 11-year-old Lily and 10-year-old Oliver, Savage has a surprising response. “They’re very problematic now,” he says, “in this age of raising socially aware, morally-responsible kids.” He gives a few examples of films that “don’t age well”, and honestly, he makes a solid point.

“We showed them Big, we were like ‘Oh, Big‘s great’,” he says. “And they were like ‘But she’s an adult and he’s a kid, they shouldn’t be together.'” Now that we think about it, that storyline is actually pretty creepy.  “And then you defend it and say horrible things,” Savage continues. “You say like, ‘But he was dressed like an adult! He was acting like an adult! How was she to know?’ And I’m like ‘oh, these are terrible lessons.'”

Savage also referenced 1980s classic Sixteen Candles saying that in 2019, it comes off as “a heartwarming tale of growing up where they just pass around a woman who’s been passed out all night.” He’s not wrong!

This doesn’t leave parents with a ton of politically correct options. “It’s rough out there,” Savage says. “Watch them again with a new lens, it all falls apart.” So now, the actor tells Meyers he’s sticking to “Marvel movies and Rick and Morty… That feels safe.”