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The Shocking Reason This Fourth-Grade Girl Tragically Died From Strep Throat

It happened less than 24 hours after her diagnosis.

Mason City Schools/Facebook

An Ohio fourth grader died from strep throat and influenza on Wednesday evening. According to mom Holly Rauch Gibson, her daughter Sable passed away just one day after being diagnosed.

“It is with shattered hearts that we share that our sweet Sable Paige took her first steps into Jesus’ arms tonight,” Gibson wrote of Sable, who was the youngest of four, on Facebook. “Our sweet baby girl was diagnosed with strep throat and influenza Tuesday morning that lead to cardiac arrest that afternoon. She was airlifted to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital but it was too late.”

Gibson also expressed the pain and shock of losing a child so tragically. “Our hearts are completely broken… we are trying to live out what we say believe, and stand on the hope of life and peace that we have in Jesus. We can’t imagine our lives without our baby girl.”

Western Row Elementary, the school that Sable attended, also made a statement on social media, saying, “Please join us in keeping the Gibson family in our daily thoughts and prayers as they navigate these very difficult days.”

The school, which noted that counselors would be on-site to help students cope, also asked everyone to wear Sable’s favorite color, pink, in a sign of support on Thursday.

And the 10-year-old will definitely be missed. “Every student that I kept hearing from was talking about what an incredible friend she was,” Tracey Carson, a spokesperson for Mason City Schools, told WLWT. “She was genuinely kind to everyone.”

Unfortunately, Sable hasn’t been the only young victim of this year’s flu season in Ohio. On Thursday, the Cleveland Department of Public Health announced that a 13-year-old girl had passed away, marking the first flu-related death in Northeast Ohio and the second overall in the state.

Please join us in keeping the Gibson family in our daily thoughts and prayers as they navigate these very difficult…

Posted by Mason City Schools on Thursday, February 21, 2019