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Four-Year-Old Asks If Sun Can Melt a Ghost. It’s Tearing Twitter Apart.

The debate seems to hinge on the fact that no one really knows what a ghost is made of.


A lot of kid questions are silly. Or, like they come from a place that isn’t tethered to reality. But every once and while, for all their ridiculousness, a child’s question sparks a serious debate that none of the adults in the room can stop talking about. So when one little boy recently asked “would the sun melt a ghost?”, his dad couldn’t resist putting the question to Twitter. The answers, as you can imagine, were both diverse and deep.

For starters, it’s only fair to point out that most people will go their whole lives and never ask this particular question. But interestingly, once people got going, everyone seemed to have a theory. A  few users suggested that the sun burns a ghost like it does the fog.

But a different user was giving ghosts more credit and didn’t suggest that they’d just evaporate into a vapor cloud (though, the collection of your soul and memories getting evaporated into formless whips of vapor sounds a lot like a weird metaphor for dying and becoming a ghost). Instead, they suggested that the sun would expand the ghost into “Big Ghost.”

User @CucamongaDuke had a theory that was way out in left field, and it involved an extinction level event that could only be avoided by going to “ghost school.” Then there was also the Tweet suggesting that evaporating ghosts is a way to harvest a kind of natural resource from them.

And, of course, it didn’t take long before the philosophy jargon was roped into this whole equation. Unfortunately, the “Mind/Body dualism” angle might be lost on your 4-year-old.

Still, at the end of it all, the simplest answer is usually the best. As one tweet put it, “ghosts can only come out at night when the sun is turned off.”