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Meet The Guys Who Want You To Seriously Consider Getting A Vasectomy

You could be forgiven if the thought of lying on a cold bed while a doctor numbs your balls with a needle, slices your sack with a scalpel, and then clips and cauterizes the tubes your sperm use to get to those balls makes you scream like a 2-year-old seeing blood. But the founders of World Vasectomy Day would like you to man up and consider the procedure — for the good of the planet.

Granted, urologist Dr. Doug Stein and activist Jonathan Stack are mostly focused on the developing world, where vasectomies could substantially contribute to efforts at stemming overpopulation and even reducing carbon footprints. But here in the U.S., Stein and Stack — call them the Snippet Brothers — argue that vasectomies are cheaper, faster, and more reliable than the female version (you don’t even want to know the details of that procedure). That’s because they only take 10-20 minutes and create the equivalent of a dam against your upstream swimmers.

Despite their convincing argument, 3 times as many women get their tube tied as men in this country. So if you and the missus decide to put the kibosh on procreation, do the Snippet Brothers a favor and at least consider a vasectomy. Your wife will thank you, the planet will thank you, and you’ll help destigmatize the procedure for men around the world.

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