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This Guy Waited 25 Years To See a Video of Himself as a Baby

"It’s beautiful, beautiful family moment."

Alexander Family via Jim McKay/Facebook

Social media is incredible and sometimes really great things come from it. We’ve seen people snap the perfect photo by happenstance of a couple proposing or using our networks to get in touch with someone that made a difference by chance. We have heard of stories of lost phones and photos being turned, but this 25-year-old story of a lost VCR recording takes the delightful cake. It all started when a Texas-based filmmaker bought an old VCR at Goodwill.

Jim McKay, from Austin, Texas, purchased the outdated technology back from a second-hand store, and it sat around his home for a while. When he decided to take a closer look at his new-to-him VCR, he realized there was a VHS tape inside still titled “Tyre learns to walk,” and it was dated September 1994.

I found this family home video in a used VCR from Goodwill here in Texas. I really want to return it to the family. Can you help share it in your circles? Hopefully this family is still local. I'm also including a Youtube link for sharing outside of Facebook. If you recognize them, PLEASE show this to them, and have them contact me via email so I can return it. Please include "VHS" in the subject line: jim.simple@gmail.comYoutube link: ya'll!

Posted by Jim McKay on Saturday, January 4, 2020

He was curious and turned it on and knew this recording was important to someone.

“By the end of the video, I was just amazed at this family,” McKay told “There’s gospel music playing the whole time. The family singing along — the clapping — is just like, it’s beautiful, beautiful family moment.”

McKay did what so many others do when they need to track something down, he took to social media and went to his local TV station to see if he could find this family and give this incredible recording back. And it didn’t take long for the family of 26-year-old TyRe Alexander to hear about it.

Alexander’s mom saw the video being discussed on local news and called her son right away. “My mom called me while I was out saying, ‘Hey, you’re on the news right now, you’re walking as a baby!’” Alexander told Today.

“I haven’t seen me, my dad and brother in a room for a long time,” Alexander said. “To see that and to see all that love and everything that took me back to a place, I could never go without having that tape.”

He immediately got in touch with McKay on Instagram, where the two made plans to meet up so the VCR recording could go back home where it belongs.

“It’s kind of magical,” McKay said to “Just like seeing it all come together and work out, you know, kind of against all odds, is incredible.”